Are you ready to conquer the summer heat in Michigan? Your HVAC system is gearing up to be your
cooling champion. Ensure it performs optimally with these five essential tips for the perfect summer

1. Change Your Air Filters: Kickstart your summer HVAC prep with a literal breath of fresh air. Regularly
replacing air filters, at least once each season, it’s a simple yet impactful DIY task. Clean filters enhance
airflow, improve efficiency, and maintain top-notch indoor air quality. If you’re unsure about filter types,
a professional check-up ensures a clean slate and guidance on the best fit for your HVAC equipment.

2. Ensure a Breath of Fresh Air for Your HVAC: As the summer sun takes center stage, your outdoor
HVAC unit becomes the star player. Beyond a casual glance, a detailed outdoor unit cleanup is crucial for
optimal performance. Clear away surface-level debris using a gentle brush or a vacuum with a soft brush
attachment. Trim bushes and branches, maintaining a two-foot clearance for unobstructed airflow.
Ensure your unit is sitting level to prevent strain and ensure even heat exchange. This small-time
investment pays off in performance and a cooler indoor space.

3. Check Your Thermostat Settings: Optimize your thermostat settings for summer comfort. Consider
upgrading to a programmable thermostat for efficient temperature control. While high-tech
thermostats may seem overwhelming, familiarizing yourself with them or seeking guidance from your
local HVAC company unlocks their full potential. Set your preferred comfort levels, and let technology
do the rest, ensuring a cool and energy-efficient environment.

4. Elevate Your HVAC System to Peak Performance: Your HVAC system, a complex orchestra of
components, deserves more than just DIY maintenance. Schedule a pre-summer tune-up with a
professional HVAC service to ensure stellar condition. Like a doctor’s check-up, a professional tune-up
identifies potential issues before the summer heat sets in, promoting longevity and efficiency for your
system. Trust the experts to keep your HVAC unit in top shape.

Conclusion: Summer HVAC preparation blends DIY tasks with professional expertise, ensuring a cool and
comfortable space at home or your business in Michigan. While basic maintenance can be handled
independently, a professional tune-up ensures a comprehensive inspection and proactive issue
resolution and have an understanding of when and how much your next fix will be or potential
replacement. Invest in the efficiency, preparation and longevity of your HVAC system – because your
comfort matters. Keep cool when the heat is on!

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